ERRANCES 2_edited
ERRANCES 2_edited

ERRANCES 2_edited
ERRANCES 2_edited



ZEUGMA DANSE enters the public’s heart with Errances, a production inspired by the clever encounter between feminine and masculine energies.

Follow the inspiring journey of eight performers who unite in the face of uncertainty to live an epic adventure that will transcend reality itself.  Exhilarating rhythms and poetic images punctuate this choreographic work in which the environment is continually transformed, revealing new places and new forms.

Complicity and trust are central to this percussive dance work that contrasts self-knowledge, the fear of the unknown, and the power of unity.


MOVEMENT | Frédérique-Annie Robitaille with the valuable collaboration of the performers  ORIGINAL MUSIC | Joannie Labelle  ARTISTIC ADVISOR | Dominic Desrochers  PERFORMERS DURING CREATION | SSarah Bronsard, Stéphanie Boulay, Sébastien Chalumeau, Maxime Éthier, Audrey Gaussiran, Joannie Labelle, Louis Roy, Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa and Antoine Turmine.

This new choreographic work will be completed in 2020 and available to tour in summer 2020.